Adopt Winston

Age: 1
Breed: Catahoula Leopard
Sex: Male
Size: Medium
Adoption fee: $490

Winston the 1 year old Catahoula Leopard is just too darn adorable to ignore! His uniquely beautiful markings aside, he just oozes personality. Winston loves running around at the beach and getting pats from as many people as he can! He's not too fond of splashing about though. He came to the beach for extra love and attention, none of this water business! When training him we found he responds better to pats and attention than treats and bribery. He is a loving dog who just wants to be close to his owners.

He is VERY intelligent and if he wants something he will find out how to get it. We had a bin bag on our pantry door and he learned very quickly that if he pulled on it too hard it would break and he'd get some scraps, but if he pulled on it JUST right then he could get all the food he wanted! So we switched to a bin where you step on a pedal to open it... After watching us use it once or twice, he knew how to get all the delicious snacks from that bin too.

He LOVES squeaky toys, especially smaller ones made of a softer plastic. Rubber duckies are great! He will happily chase after it if you throw it but he's still getting the hang of bringing the toy back to you so you can throw it again.

All in all he's a beautiful, loving dog who has a whole lot of energy and would benefit from some more training.