5 reasons to adopt your next best friend

Best Friends Animal Rescue believes that every dog deserves a second chance.


Adoption is the most effective way to disrupt the operations of puppy mills. Opening your home to a rescue animal is one of the most rewarding experiences – you’ll be saving a life.

If you are thinking about extending your family, here are a few reasons why you should adopt your next best friend from an animal rescue group.



1. Stop the cruelty of puppy mills and unethical pet farms

Don’t let unscrupulous operations take advantage of you. That cute pooch in the store came from a place of misery and suffering. No breeder would ever sell their dogs to a pet store. Puppy mills breed and supply the puppies you see. The little ones spend the first two months of their lives cramped in a cage with their mum and are exposed to cesspool of germs and diseases . Parents of these puppies have never been outside. They live in appalling conditions and are continuously bred until they can no longer reproduce. You can make a stand against this cruelty by adopting from a rescue group or animal shelter.


Source: The barkhaus

2. Saving every dog in need (We don’t discriminate)

All rescue groups and animal shelters endeavour to save every unwanted, abandoned and abused dog they come across. From poodles to rottweilers and cross-breeds, you’ll find a variety of canines that have been rescued and are looking for a second chance to a loving home. You’re saving a dog when you adopt.



3. Finding your soulmate

At Best Friends Animal Rescue, we have an adoption application process in place to ensure that you’ll be perfectly matched with your new friend. In our questionnaire, you’ll be asked about your lifestyle and living arrangements. The goal is to find permanent loving homes for our rescue dogs, therefore both canine and human must suit each other and have a connection. It’s not just about attraction.



4. The adoption fee goes to helping other animals

We ensure that all our dogs are sterilised, dewormed, vaccinated and microchipped before going to their new home. The adoption fee covers all of those things and more. Whatever we have leftover in the adoption fee goes to paying for medical treatments, veterinary consultations, food and nutrition. Your money is not only going towards making your new family member is healthy and happy, but you’ll also be helping us to save more lives.



5. Giving older dogs a second chance

These old dogs are often the last to be chosen and the first to be euthanised. After dedicating their youth to their previous families, it is unfair to put them down for being old. Best Friends Animal Rescue are not giving up on these senior dogs. We care for them until they get adopted by someone who can provide them the love and friendship they deserve.


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