Age: 1yr
Breed: Rottweiler x Kelpy x Husky
Sex: Female
Size: Medium

Marley is a strikingly beautiful Kelpie-Huskey-Rottweiler cross. She is very interactive with people and other dogs, and is good-natured and friendly.
Marley responds fairly well to instruction, though would benefit from continued training. Her breed mix means that she is very intelligent and is a super-fast learner. She's food motivated which makes training easy too. She's inquisitive, and loves to walk, run, play and keep active. She enjoys affection, and is very happy to cuddle up, or ask for a belly scratch.
Marley would suit an active family, possibly with teenage kids who want a very companionable, trainable and affectionate dog,
She needs to be homed with another dog for company.