Adopt Hugo


Age: 8
Breed: Mexican Chihuahua
Sex: Male
Size: Small

Hugo is a Mexican Chihuahua who is definitely more hero than diva. This boy knows how to strut his stuff and loves taking walks as it gives him an opportunity to add to his fan club. He is affectionate and tactile  without being needy, and certainly isn't shy about random petting from strangers wanting an introduction. Hugo would do best in a home with a small playmate.

His favorite foods are chicken wings and chicken neck but the odd piece of rump steak from the dinner plate is very gratefully received. He also likes a bit of veg, but will definitely spit out his peas! Play-time is regularly at 6.00 p.m. when Hugo races around the house after his toy hedgehog, which is ceremonially bashed and fought over for a happy half an hour. Hugo is super clean. He asks to go out when he needs to and washes himself assiduously. He likes to be bathed and is just a little bit vain in the nicest possible way.

Why is he called Hugo? Well of course because he is the Boss!