Health & Nutrition

A collection of helpful insights to keeping your pet dog healthy and happy

Canine Vaccination Protocols

Learn about dog vaccination protocols and avoid over vaccinating your dog! Over vaccinating your pooch can cause more harm than good.

Common plants harmful to cats & dogs

Here is a list of common plants we’ve compiled from various sources as a guide for you to keep an eye out for. When you see your cat or dog suffering with symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea, breathing difficulties, salivation, weakness, abnormal urine and any other abnormal behaviour, rush it to the vet immediately!

Feeding and nutrition tips for dogs

Did you know that adding turmeric to your canine‚Äôs daily diet has substantial benefits to their health? Turmeric powder is a vibrant yellow spice used liberally in Indian curries. It is known to many as a natural wonder and has a long history of use in both…