Success Stories

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Beauie’s Story


My name is Beauie and I’m a very handsome Corgi x Jack Russell. This is my story.

Around five years ago at the age of 10, my humans were moving and were not able to take me
with them.
At the time my future was very uncertain, I had been unwell for a while and I had nowhere to
live. Things were not looking good.
Lucky for me this is when I meet Jeane from BFAR, who came into my life, rescued me, and
found me a loving foster home.
As things turned out it was lucky Jeane came along when she did. I began to get much
more sick and it was finally discovered that I had advanced cushings disease. My life hung in the
balance and it was touch and go for a while, but with the generosity and love BFAR showed in
not giving up on a little old dog I managed to pull through.
A year later, looking a little worse for wear (my legs bent from the long term cushings & patches
of missing fur), I was slowly on the road to recovery but my kind foster carers where no
longer able to care for me.
Jeane put my picture on line (I certainly wasn’t looking my best) to see if any one had a
forever home for me, and that is where I found my mum. She’d been waiting for me all my
From the moment I stepped into our home, it was love at first sight and we soon knew I’d
found my fur-ever home.
The marvellous medication I was on saved my life (I will always be on it) and everyone has
been amazed at how well it has worked.
Mum takes me regularly to see my vet Dr David for check ups. The first time we went he
told mum that my life expectancy was short due to my advanced condition…. she cried all
the way home but resolved to make my life the best it could be.
That was almost four years ago, I’m looking spectacular and feeling fabulous at almost 15
years old with no plans of going anywhere, vet Dr David said just last week that I was an
amazing success story, and I think he’s right.
Although I am completely deaf I’m very happy, I love my life, and I love my family.
When I arrived at mum’s she already had young Louis and and lovely Lilly who is also a rescue like
me. We all get on very well (although I’m convinced Louis has ADD). Lilly at almost 16 is
even older than me.
We go to the park every day at least once, usually a couple of times, and mum even has a pram for
Lilly & me so if we get tired we can hop in. Apparently we look ‘sooo cute’ according to
Thank you Jeane for rescuing me and finding me the best home possible. In fact I’d have to
say my life would be perfect, if only mum would stop kissing me all the time – not that you
can blame her, she’s only human

Other dogs we have saved...


Mindi had tar type yeast infection oozing from her ears which had set hard and was dangling from her earlobes. She was very skinny and her coat came off in one piece, which she had to have 2 ear operations to remedy. She didn’t have any holes in her ears as scar material blocked them. With a bit of love and care, she now glows in the warm sun with a sleek new coat, comfortable in her new home.


Ernie came to us from the pound he was 12 years old with arthritis, a heart murmur, allergies, and to top it all off, anxiety. He had cartrophen injections and was out on a fresh food diet to build up his immune system. He improved immensely and was adopted by a lovely retired lady, living another warm 3years with all the love that she so deserved.


When Spike came to us he was very underweight and had no hair, and his skin was red and painful due to mange. We gained his confidence, nursed him back to health, and gave him the love he’d been missing. Since being adopted, Spike has put on weight, his skin has improved, and his hair has all grown back. He greets his doggie siblings with kisses and always wants pats when his family gets home from being out. He now plays with his toys and is a very good puppy, much loved by his new family!


Mardy was underfed, emaciated, and had bad ear infections and allergies. Her ears were bitten and in pain. With the warm care of a her new family, Mardy has regained her strength, her health, and her affection. She lives happily with the smiling family pictured on the right, receiving the attention and love that she so deserves.


Honey was ten years old when she was adopted into a warm home with a new family. Honey loves her food, tap dancing in anticipating across the kitchen floor at dinner time, and particularly loves her long walks where she gets to meet other joyous dogs at the park. She has toys, company, cuddles in the evening, and most importantly a caring, loving family. She is the sunshine in their lives.