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Here are all our available dogsĀ for adoption


Ronin is super friendly German Shepherd that’s 3 years young. Ronin is affectionate but needs some additional training.


Lillie is a sweet-natured senior who is seeking a forever home.


Bindi is a playful 16wk old chihuahua that’s looking for a comfy home with another doggy playmate, and a carer who doesn’t work full time.


Charlie is a five year-old Jack Russell Cross. He’s very friendly, obedient, and gets along with other dogs.


Duke is a sweet, 17 year old dog who loves everyone and everything, and has now settled down in a forever foster home. Though a little hard on seeing and hearing, he’s happy to plodder about wherever other people are.


Lucie just loves a cuddle and gets on great with other dogs. Lucie is just over 2 years old and would benefit from ongoing training. She loves a long walk and to be included in family activities.

Ernie the cat

Ernie gets along great with the dogs and is a real smoocher that loves to sit on your knee and put his paws around your neck. Although he may be shy at first, Ernie warms up to new people real fast.


This 8 year old, snowy white Maltese Terrier x Shiatsu is a ladies man and he knows it. Despite being abandoned as a pup, he loves snuggling his owners with his super soft coat.


2 year old Zeus knows to sit, stay and wait. Very loyal and extremely eager to please, and has a lovely nature.


Hugo is an 8 y/o Mexican Chihuahua who’s more hero than diva. Hugo loves meeting strangers on walks as it provides opportunities to add to his fan club!


Marley is a gorgeous year old puppy. She is an active girl and would suit a family that had the time for long walks.


Poppy is friendly, intelligent 2 year old that will learn commands quickly. She’ll require daily walks to satisfy her level of energy.


Pepsi is a friendly, adoring 13 year old Poodle who’s seeking a warm home with lots of cuddles. Pepsi needs some human or doggy company as she loves cuddling up with others.


Ralph is a friendly, 12 year old dog who has spent a large portion of his life living on a cold paved courtyard in a kennel, and would love to settle down in a warm new home. Ralph is currently in rehab.


This is Millie, she is a 9 yr old Cocker Spaniel. Very nice nature, loves other dogs. Needs company.


Paula is a 3 year old American Bulldog. She had a rough start, but that has not dented her personality. She’s a pretty nervous dog and will need some extra training.


Kola is lovely 2 year old Red Heeler cross who has come from a neglectful household and is now looking for a new, loving home. Additional training will be required, we’re sorry to say he did not get much in his previous household.


Stella is a 3 year old Shih Tzu looking for a forever home. She’s friendly with everyone and is good with other dogs. She would have to be placed with another dog for company.